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Interpretation of LED frontier policy to grasp development opportunities 

"Overall, the LED industry in 2016 experienced price increases, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, environmental impact, is undergoing drastic changes in .2016, lighting companies have to find their own high-margin segmentation" Blue Ocean "market and special Application areas, such as plant lighting, intelligent lighting, automotive LED, UV LED and IR LED, take the differentiated route, to avoid the blue LED "Red Sea" competition.LED lighting on the current environment, the industry in the stick Transformation, is the only way. "

Recently, knocking 2017 · LED new discovery forum successfully held in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center (GSC) Director, Guangdong Province, Gao Zhixin Industrial Development Research Institute Sui Shirong made an important speech on the same day, dry goods full , Xiaobian special finishing its text, one by one to show, to meet Zhiyou. Limited space, today to be presented first of which is the first part of "interpretation of LED frontier policy, grasp the development opportunities."

It is reported that the State Council had previously issued a "Thirteen Five" plan of war and new areas for semiconductor lighting has brought new opportunities.

Data show that December 19, 2016, signed by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council recently issued a "Thirteen Five" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" Planning ")," Planning "mentioned, to enhance the core Basic hardware supply capacity. Enhance the level of key chip design, the development of new applications for the chip. Speed up the industrialization of 16/14 nm process and memory production line construction, upgrade the level of packaging and testing technology and industry concentration, to step up the post-layout Moore's Law era chip-related fields. (AMOLED), ultra-high-definition (4K / 8K) quantum dot liquid crystal display, flexible display technology and other domestic breakthroughs and scale applications. And promote the R & D and industrialization of key technologies in smart sensors, power electronics, printed electronics, semiconductor lighting, inertial navigation and other fields, and enhance the supply capability of new chip components, optical communication devices and special electronic materials.

November 15, 2016, the Guangdong Provincial Government issued the "Guangdong Province to promote comprehensive reform of the system reform pilot action plan", is to LED lighting as a new pillar industry. The plan put forward: strive through three years of efforts to basically build a comprehensive innovation reform to promote long-term mechanism, the initial construction of an innovative economic system framework. The plan's first task is to build a new industry system, including: "to promote high-end new electronic information, biomedicine, semiconductor lighting (LED), new materials, new hardware and other industries become a pillar industry."

So, the LED industry as a new pillar industry What is the significance? Sui Shirong that, first of all, from the background, this is the March 2010 the provincial government will be the semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong Province as the focus of the development of the three strategic emerging industries, The LED industry, the first conversion of positioning. From emerging industries to the new pillar industries, which reflects the provincial government on the LED industry in recent years, the rapid development of a recognition, but also reflects the provincial government on the LED industry next to continue to grow and develop the planning and expectations.

Second, the LED lighting and other industries identified as a new pillar industry, the next provincial ministries or related departments will be introduced to promote the development of new pillar industries supporting policies, from technological innovation, intellectual property, transformation, financial investment, foreign cooperation and other aspects of industry Development to promote, it will be LED industry forward a new opportunity, it will be a new era.