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Small spacing LED industry to meet the explosive concentration of industry upgrading 

LED display is widely used in advertising media, sports venues, stage background, municipal engineering and other fields, become the most mature application of LED a market segment. The industry said, LED display small technical barriers to a higher pitch, the traditional display industry, enterprises are difficult to cut into, the industry concentration is rapidly increasing.

Into the outbreak phase

With the cost of a substantial decline and the display continues to improve, small pitch LED display industry was explosive growth, and in short supply. Small pitch LED alternative DLP splicing screen market in full swing, currently only about 20% replacement.

Industry insiders, for technological innovation-driven growth industry, when the market penetration of 20% -50%, the industry will enter the outbreak phase. "2016 is a small interval LED outbreak of the first year, the next 2-3 years will continue to maintain high growth rate, to 2018 market size of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Everbright Securities believes that the development trend of small pitch LED industry has been confirmed that the next three years is expected to more than 60% compound growth.

Listed companies, in order to adapt to the development of the industry, a lot of LED display business to seek business transformation and upgrading. Among them, Lehman shares, photoelectric joint construction in the sports, media, respectively, a more successful exploration. Riyadh said that a small gap shows that the outbreak of the commercial market has come, hundreds of billions of civilian market is starting, the company will continue to maintain the leading edge, expand production capacity, strengthen channel construction and achieve rapid growth.

It is understood that the current LED display is mainly used in advertising media, sports venues, stage background, municipal engineering and other fields. With the small pitch LED technology matures, the future will also be applied to more emerging areas.

Concentration increase

Previously, LED display industry threshold is low, industry concentration is low, the industry's top ten market share of less than 10%. With the LED display technology to enhance and scale of the show, industry technical and financial barriers are also significantly improved.

Industry sources, in this context, the Riyadh, the photoelectric building, Abby and Chow Ming technology companies, carrying capital, cost advantages such as rapid rise. The next two to three years, the LED display in the four dragons, there will be 1-2 or even more than 5 billion in revenue to reach the enterprise.

Chau Ming Technology, for example, the company is the LED display and LED lighting products and solutions leader, the company continued to break through the small pitch LED screen technology bottlenecks, through product upgrades, channel optimization, application areas such as expanding core competitiveness .

Chau Ming Technology 2016 the first three quarters of total revenue of 672 million yuan, an increase of 7.60%. The company further expanded and improved the LED display all the product line serialization and standardization.

Absen 2016 three quarterly show, the company signed a small pitch LED display about 142 million yuan, up about 60% over the previous year, accounting for about the company's third quarter, 46% of all display orders. During the reporting period, the company launched a new series of small pitch HDV is the first industry to maintain a small distance before the wall products, access to market praise.

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Looking ahead 2017, LED market competition is still fierce, manufacturers will accelerate to small pitch display, infrared and ultraviolet LED and other niche market in order to profit. The agency estimates that in 2017 the global LED market output value will reach 15.4 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 4%.

Supply and demand pattern continues to improve the LED industry into the era of stable income

As the LED chip leading enterprises three security photoelectric prices, strong verification of the LED industry, the overall pattern of supply and demand has undergone a fundamental change, not only because of backward production capacity out of the supply side contraction, is LED downstream demand side steady growth, steady improvement in profitability.

LED industry into the cost push up prices cycle

Recently, the sale of three security optoelectronics subsidiary sent a letter to inform the client, some of the LED chip products will be up 8%. This is the LED industry in 2016 set off four wave of price increases, the Sanan take the lead to open the "first year 2017 up."

LED lighting to enhance the penetration of downstream applications to open up a new blue ocean

2016 China (Shanghai) International LED Lighting Exhibition will be held December 1 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition is based on the concept of "Building a Global Lighting Sourcing Platform", attracting many domestic and foreign professional lighting technology exhibitors, including LED lighting, outdoor lighting, LED packaging and related materials, etc., to become the benchmark for lighting industry. LED lighting industry.